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About Us


Multi-family entitlement, development, and construction is what we do, but it is only a small part of who we are. Relationships are essential to us in every aspect of business. At Surge, how we treat and interact with others will ultimately be returned to us and the communities we develop and serve.

We work with individuals and organizations that share our core values, whether that be professionals that we hire, employees we bring on, or the capital partners we work with.
Multi-family entitlement project done by Surge Development.

Be Our Partner

We believe in the strength of collaboration. We fund each project by working with a variety of different partners. These partnerships include both private (individuals with wealth) and institutional sources. If you want to get into multi-family real estate, we will likely fit you into our capital structure.

Be Our Partner

We believe in the strength of collaboration. We fund each project by working with a variety of different partners. These partnerships include both private (individuals with wealth) and institutional sources. If you want to get into multi-family real estate, we will likely fit you into our capital structure.

Core Values

Our values guide everything we do, shaping our investment management and real estate development approach. They define our commitment to excellence, innovation, and a brighter future for the communities we serve.



We expect integrity and honesty from all those that we work with. Surge Investment Group goal is to become the flagship company for high moral standards in the development industry.



At Surge, we believe in having a mindset of abundance. This manifests through striving for above-average returns for capital partners, freely sharing information and knowledge of the industry, and offering great benefits & compensation for employees.


To keep things moving forward in this business, there needs to be a level of tenaciousness. We own our responsibilities and diligently pursue our goals until they are accomplished. We believe in frequent and consistent follow-up.


As we develop projects, we recognize we also create neighborhoods and communities. This is an important responsibility associated with multi-family development. To ensure our communities are a success, we partner in the most professional manner with the local cities, counties, and communities where our projects reside.


Paul Poteet (Principal & CEO)

Paul is the CEO and Founder of Surge Development and Surge Capital (now Surge Investment Group). He attended BYU-Idaho where he earned a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Over his 6-year career in development Paul has personally led the entitlements for 4,031 units spread across 44 projects and 7 states, totaling more than $60MM in land value. Additionally, he has personally been involved in the financing and construction of 12 multifamily projects totaling 774 units, representing a total built value of more than $180MM. Previously, Paul, was the co-founder of another successful multifamily development firm. After achieving a 7-figure, he proceeds to start Surge Investment Group. Under his leadership, Surge has experienced a high degree of growth, having added 5 employees, acquired 6 multifamily development sites, raised over $30MM in equity, and closed on over $47MM in construction debt for their projects during 2022.

Dennis Richmond (Partner)

Dennis has decades of experience in the Texas construction space. He has owned and operated various companies in the industry since 1987. In 2018, Dennis partnered with a successful multifamily development company, which entered the Texas market that same year. There, he helped source and develop 6 multifamily projects in the DFW market, totaling 580 units with a projected finished value of over $140MM. He is now a valued partner here at Surge, where his primary focus is on our Texas development projects. He also serves as a general advisor for the company in their efforts nationwide. Dennis also has a track record of civil service, having served as Murphy Texas City Council Member, President of the Parks Board, and Director of the Community Development Corporation.

Michael Black (Advisor)

With over 37 years in North Texas real estate, Michael’s journey began after BYU when he joined KPMG Dallas. His focus there was the financial and tax aspects of apartment syndications, including contributing to the Fountain Place office tower in Downtown Dallas. Transitioning in 2005, he developed 6 commercial properties totaling 68,000 sq. ft. As a licensed CPA in Texas, his practice centers on taxes and real estate. Now, as an advisor and partner at Surge Investment Group, he brings his expertise to our team.

Jim Pakulis (Director of Investor Relations)

Jim is a seasoned executive as CEO & Director of numerous successful public & private companies across North America, rasing millions in conjuction. He specializes in companies operating within sectors at the cusp of market development with potential for robust long-termn growth, focusing on lean and conservative capital structures and guiding companies from to execution, then expanding through acquisitions as well as internal growth.

Kaden Hansen (Chief Financial Officer)

Kaden is the CFO for Surge Development and Surge Capital (now Surge Investment Group). He attended SUU where he earned masters degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. Over his career Kaden has managed more than $650M in assets and accounted for companies in tech, lending, finance, sales, insurance, real estate and more. He has followed a pattern of success and growth, helping companies run efficiently to maximize returns on capital. Kaden decided to join the Surge team after finding his deep passion for real estate, and having recognized the alignment of core values himself and Surge strive to emulate: Community, Integrity, Generosity, and Tenacity.

Wayne Lounsbury (Director of Construction)

Wayne Lounsbury joined the Surge Team as Director of Construction. He has come to Surge Investment Group as a seasoned construction professional with 45 years of experience in the construction industry. The projects Wayne developed included residential, commercial, industrial, military, public, and education facilities. In his lengthy career, he has serviced project needs in the following positions:

Carpenter, foreman, superintendent, project manager, senior project manager, company owner, owners’ representative, and now as the Director of construction.

In joining Surge Investment Group, he has found a shared passion with the tear in construction, real estate investment, and the design development

Kyle Macdonald (Fund Manager)

Kyle is the Fund Manager of Surge Investment Group, leading the charge on fund administration, capital raising, and compliance efforts for Surge Real Estate Fund I (SREF I). He is a graduate from the Marriott School of Business – BYU Provo. Kyle has a deep passion for commercial real estate: completing work in brokerage, real estate private equity, real estate investment sales, and real estate development. From his years in development, Kyle was responsible for the sourcing, vetting, and entitlements of over $30MM in land value for future projects.

Garrett Campbell (Fund Manager)

Garrett is a Fund Manager of Surge Investment Group, leading fund administration, capital raising, and compliance efforts for Surge Land Fund I (SLF I). Since receiving his undergraduate in Construction Management at BYU-Idaho, he has spent his career building commercial, residential and multifamily projects. He has been the Director of construction at Surge since 2022, leading 5 construction projects with roughly 600 units. He earned his Masters in Business Administration from BYU Provo where he then made the transition with Surge towards fund management.

Mitchell Smedley (Director of Acquisitions and Entitlement)

Mitch grew up in Pocatello, ID where he was exposed to construction at an early age. His father was a successful concrete contractor in the area and Mitch spent summers working for the family business. As a teenager, he knew that he wanted to pursue real estate for his career. He attended Utah Valley University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. During his time at school, he worked as an intern for Woodbury Corporation where he gained experience in financial modeling and underwriting for real estate investment deals. Mitch is now our Director of Acquisitions & Entitlements, where he leads the Land Entitlement Specialists in identifying, underwriting, acquiring, and entitling our multifamily sites with local municipalities.

Eivan Ram (Construction Project Manager)

Eivan has a proven track record within the commercial and residential real estate space: managing $20MM in development budgets over the past 5 years with a focus on the Texas Market. He holds a certificate in Construction Field Supervision from BYU-Idaho, and is working towards the completion of his BS in Bussines Management. Eivan currently works in overseeing the construction process and maintaining relationships with contractors and vendors for Surge. Eivan and his wife, Nicole, relocated from TX with their threee children where he actively serves as a member of the US Air Force Reserves.

Ethan Larkin (Investor Relations)

Ethan recently graduated with a Masters in Business and Administration from Southern Utah University. He has prior experience in sales and marketing, having worked for Phenom and Savvos Health. After receiving his MBA, he decided to pivot into real estate. Now he’s responsible for the acquisitions and entitlements for our development sites in Texas. He also assists in managing current investor relationships with the Investor Relations team.

Jake Lambson (Land Entitlement Specialist)

Jake is a recent graduate of Utah Valley University, where he obtained a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. Jake has experience as a project manager with prior development firms, performing due diligence on multi-family development opportunities. He’s continued that work with us. In his role here, Jake assists in finding new development sites, overseeing early due diligence of our projects, progressing developments through city entitlement processes, and performing underwriting for those developments.